Yellow House Salon, Week#5 Cod Liver Ile

cod-liver-catsCod Liver Ile, the fifth and last piece in a series of American Ballads by Roy Harris, is a take on the traditional, Cod Liver Ile.

This piece in very early stages, is by no means ready for a public performance. Cod Liver Ile  needs to stew and simmer in the studio.  However,  as I’ve mentioned before, I’m dedicated to showing my work on this blog, inspired by Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.

I’ve challenged my students to show up and do the work every day! I Love Practice February

In the early stages of a piece or a program, the music  is not always pretty and polished, pieces often sound jagged and unsettled. In the early stages, I may feel like the cat on the left. However, I know  the rewards of showing up and doing the work every day are great and when I finally have a piece, I feel like the cat on the right. I think I’d rather practice than take Cod Liver Oil!

Here is this week’s recording, Cod Liver Ile by Roy Harris played by me.

Here is a wonderful take on the folk song sung by the Dubliners


One thought on “Yellow House Salon, Week#5 Cod Liver Ile

  1. Farquhar says:

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the Cod Liver Oil blog. What a wonderful, rolicking song –with hilarious lyrics too. Our computer played the version by the Dubliners but it still won’t play any of your songs/pieces, including this one. We hope to solve the computer problem soon. I love the before/after pictures of the Cat and especially your analogy to learning a piece. Yep, that’s exactly how I feel and it’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone!

    Good luck on your trip to Icicle Creek with Ruby and 35-40 middle-schoolers! In case you’re feeling a bit like that Cat, the benefits for Ruby will be amazing in more ways than just musically. 🙂

    In April-May, I should be free from April 8th (when Carey and Quentin return from Iceland) through May 7 (when we return to Annapolis). Maybe, if you can fit me in, we could set up a couple of lessons? No rush. You can let me know in April when you have a better idea of your own schedule.

    Thanks so much! Sue

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