Rancho la Puerta: fuel for the body, mind, and spirit


Leaping into Monday morning feeling refreshed  after a week at the top rated destination spa, Rancho la Puerta, located on the edge of Tecate, Mexico in the Baja.  The week was spent practicing piano in the beautiful Oak Tree Pavilion, hiking, swimming, attending yoga classes, listening to insightful speakers, visiting with friends, practicing Spanish, eating delicious healthy meals, and relaxing. I was a guest presenter for the week offering a a class (Sing-Along with Laura) and an evening music program (Women with a Past).  

It was at Rancho la Puerta where I met my significant other, Joe Sweeney, four years ago.  Joe was a fitness instructor and bird guide at the Ranch for 31 years. He now lives with me in Seattle where he is a personal trainer and bird photographer.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As I reflect on the trip and plan for the next few busy months ahead, I’m inspired by the Ranch motto:

Siempre Mejor (always better)

For more information on Rancho la Puerta, visit: rancholapuerta.com

Joe’s beautiful bird photos and blog: sweeneyfit.wordpress.com  

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